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Actively Included training programme

LEAP Sports Scotland has developed a training programme called Actively Included, aimed at sports governing bodies, national sports organisations, sports coaches and volunteers.

We offer both individual places on our standard training session or can create more bespoke sessions for groups larger than ten. On both options the exercises are designed to be interactive and engaging, so participants learn through problem solving, discussion and debate. We use pre- and post-training questionnaires and evaluation to help demonstrate the impact of the training on participants.

Actively Included covers the following:

  1. LGBTI definitions
  2. Inclusive and discriminatory language
  3. Barriers faced by LGBTI people in sport
  4. Personal experiences from LGBTI players
  5. Real life scenarios
  6. ‘On the spot’ training in answering questions on LGBTI issues
  7. Equalities legislation in practice
  8. Organisational/club action planning

Register your interest by emailing info@leapsports.org.