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Ness City Rollers

General Fitness and Wellbeing in Inverness

About the club

Ness City Rollers is the new name for the skate club which was previously Inverness Roller Derby.

Our ethos is to remain the same in that everyone of all abilities and from all backgrounds is able to join us for fun skate sessions, as long as you are over 18. No experience is necessary and we will happily spend time with you to get you up to speed with basic skating techniques. We also plan to do some more social skating/outdoor skating at certain times of the year.

We plan to have our sessions as open as possible so everyone can enjoy skating in a fun and friendly environment, where you can choose to do your own thing / join in with group skating sessions / play skating games or occasionally some short track roller derby (recreational only).

New members can reach us through our new social channels (which will be updated with our new name/logo/detail from March 2024), as our e-mail and website will also be closing down.


Inverness Leisure


Bekah MacGregor, Chairperson