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Invitation to tender

Festival Fortnight 2019

LEAP Sports Scotland are looking for a dynamic external person or organisation to help us to improve the evidence base of our community work. This piece of work could be viewed as a small piece of qualitative research and is being commissioned by LEAP Sports Scotland. The purpose of the work is to consider our annual sports festival, to draw together various experiences of this, to look at outcomes and impacts of those, and present this in an accessible format to our audience of external partners and funders.

Furthermore, the work should seek to make the link between the impact of our work, and the Active Scotland Outcomes Framework and Sport for Life.

A full tender briefing document can be downloaded below. 


A budget of £4,000 is available for this piece of work, which is fully inclusive of expenses.


Deadline for submitting proposals: 5pm on 29th May 2019

Interview meetings: 4th June

Kick-off meeting: 12th June

Project work: Until 17th July 2019

Draft report: 24th August

Final report: 14th September

The dates of the festival are fixed as 17th – 30th June 2019 www.festivalfortnight.org and applicants must be fully available during this time.

Proposals should be submitted to info@leapsports.org by no later than 5pm on 29th May