Family Support Group

Activities, information, and socializing

This is a new group for children aged 8-12 years old who are diverse in their gender, and for their families. Our goal is to provide a safe space for children with diverse gender experiences to be physically active and socialize. We also aim to provide support and information for families and opportunities for families to engage with each other. This programme takes place in Greater Glasgow with events twice a month. The first event is in October.

Gender diverse children display persistent behaviours not usually associated with their gender assigned at birth. This affects children’s developmental experiences, especially experiences of physical activity and sports, which has repercussions for their mental health. Access to physical activity is therefore crucial at a time when the child requires confidence, wellbeing strategies, and is negotiating their relationship with their body.

This group has resulted from a strong demand from families, who told us they needed opportunities for information, validation, and solidarity due to the current media discourse, and LEAP Sports believes that we can provide this alongside activity for the children. We have run activities like this for the past few years as one-off events and would now like to develop these into an ongoing group.

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