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Volunteer Spotlight: Colin

31st March 2017

Volunteer Spotlight: Colin

Next up under our volunteer spotlight is the wonderful Colin Cliff.

I first got involved with LEAP as I heard of the organisation through friends and then visited a stall/open day at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games. I joined as a volunteer and, at first, I wasn’t sure what to expect or what role I would be given. My first assignment, so to speak, was to help with facilities at the week long Sporting Equals contact making seminar held in Rowerdennan, with 42 delegates attending from 9 different countries. I was also given a great opportunity to take part in/look after one of the discussion groups, which was a fantastic experience.

I didn’t know very much about LEAP before getting involved as a volunteer. However, I was surprised that it was not just LGBTI+ people who were involved (it’s open to all!). I now know a lot more about the great work LEAP does to increase diversity and inclusion in sport for LGBTI+/minority groups. I learnt lots of new skills at the contact making seminar, such as different methodologies, and awareness of some really exciting opportunities, training, and projects that are available through LEAP and the Erasmus programme. Getting to take part in the week long Sporting Equals seminar at Rowerdenan has been the highlight of my volunteering. I found it really motivated me to get more involved in future projects with LEAP and the Erasmus programme (and increase my European citizenship). It was great to learn about the different work that is being done in the various countries as well as from a cultural experience aspect. We also had some really great team building activities (Ben Lomond) and social evenings, such as the Burns night supper, where a Gaelic speaker attended and that was a real crowd pleaser for our guests. It was a great experience and, although there was work to do, it was also great fun.

The team at LEAP are inclusive, great fun to work with, and show great leadership. I’d very much recommend volunteering at LEAP to others.

Get involved and find out more about volunteering opportunities at LEAP here.

Written by Colin Cliff on 31st March 2017.