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Volunteer Spotlight: Katherine

10th April 2017

Volunteer Spotlight: Katherine

LEAP board member and Treasurer Katherine shares her volunteer experience.

I heard about LEAP Sports from a friend of mine who is a member of the organisation’s board. They were looking to improve the range of abilities on the board and wondered if I might like to join as I am an accountant. I am now a member of the board of directors (charity trustees) with a particular function at present as Treasurer. However, I have also volunteered on numerous occasions with activities and events organised by LEAP. I volunteered for the first Pride Youth Games in Carlisle, have been a panel member at discussion events, and have helped out on LEAP stalls at other events. 

The biggest surprise volunteering for LEAP is probably the number of gay and trans people who are frightened of partaking in sport owing to being bullied or ridiculed. On the positive side, I have been impressed by how hard the volunteers work and thereby contribute massively to the success of events organised by the charity.

I have learned so much from being involved with LEAP, from engaging with young people and helping them see that sport is for all to realising that older people can still be reasonably fit and become involved in sport during later life. Sadly, I’ve also learned that there is still discrimination against LGBTI people in sport, making organisations like LEAP vital in the fight for equality. 

There have been many amazing moments in my volunteering. The best has to be Pride House in 2014. I was one of a huge number of volunteers and it was hard work at times. But the buzz from seeing a team come together and creating a massive success was unforgettable. I also made loads of new friends. I’d definitely recommend volunteering at LEAP. Volunteering is work and needs to be done enthusiastically, using your abilities, but the amount of satisfaction and friendship gained is just amazing.

Get involved and find out more about volunteering opportunities at LEAP here.

Written by Katherine Burrows on 10th April 2017.