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Volunteer Spotlight: Sarah

22nd March 2017

Volunteer Spotlight: Sarah

We showcase our amazing LEAP volunteers starting with Operations Volunteer Sarah Thurston.

I first heard of LEAP through my lecturer while studying for my HNC in Working with Communities. As soon as I heard what kind of work LEAP does, I was automatically interested. I have taken part in two big events, Pride Youth Games, for which I was part of the volunteer team working on the logistics side of things. I then took on a role for the Sporting Equals event, which involved being in charge of catering for 50 people, including the budget for all the food required for the week and planning and cooking all of the meals. What has surprised me about volunteering at LEAP has been the atmosphere and the various people I have met. I have made some great connections and friendships. Both the LEAP staff and volunteers have welcomed me with open arms and the range of different people I have met has been AMAZING. I have learnt a lot in a short time since starting last June. I have been given the opportunities to try things I would have never thought of doing. Sporting Equals was great and gave me a chance to use my team work, leadership, and organisation skills in a completely different way. I very much enjoyed this and worked with an amazing team. My favourite moment so far has be at Sporting Equals in Loch Lomond baking cakes with Ed and Tommy and using a wine bottle as a rolling pin! The whole of that event was my favourite time so far. :-) I’d recommend volunteering at LEAP to anyone.

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Written by Sarah Thurston on 22nd March 2017.