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Volunteer Spotlight: Tommy

6th April 2017

Volunteer Spotlight: Tommy

Our next volunteer focus is on Operations & Logistics maestro Tommy.

I first got involved with LEAP through their 2014 Pride House Project. Following that, I have helped out in a number of other projects. I’m an Operations & Logistics Volunteer. My duties are a bit of a mixed bag and include volunteer recruitment, looking after delegates visiting the city, and representing LEAP Sports at events. I’ve been surprised about the diversity of roles on offer to volunteers. 

Volunteering gives you great experiences, you get to meet new people and experience new things. Being part of the Commonwealth Games, Pride House, doing fire walks and being part of a very unique community of other volunteers who all get that vibe when helping others, some people have a deep and meaningful connection to volunteering. Volunteering also helps you to get connected to new people and make new friends. The last volunteering event I was part of was the European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF) Annual Assembly weekend which they held in Glasgow where I got to know a number of delegates over the weekend and they friended me on social media. These are people whom I would not have met in my usual paths in life and it is nice to know that you have made an impression on these people and vice versa. Some of my fondest memories in life have been down to my volunteer experiences.

In terms of learning new skills, I did volunteer recruitment at the 2016 Pride House. It was new to me and I receive instructions on new roles if they come up, which is really useful for building knowledge and experience. I don’t have a favourite volunteer moment – all of my roles have given me something special to remember them by. I’d definitely recommend volunteering at LEAP!

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Written by Tommy Clarke on 6th April 2017.