Manifesto for Inclusive Physical Education

The Manifesto for Inclusive Physical Education is a set of commitments developed by school pupils in Scotland, which builds upon those pupils' lived experiences of taking part in school sport as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex (LGBTI) young people. By signing up to the manifesto, schools can demonstrate a visible commitment to improving those experiences by working to make physical education and school sport fully LGBTI inclusive.

The central premise of the Manifesto is that all pupils, teachers, coaches, spectators, friends and families should expect to be treated with respect and should expect to feel safe and included within sport spaces whatever their sexual orientation, gender identity, gender or sex. A sports space is not just the pool, pitch, hall, gym, or track where you take part in sport, it's also the changing rooms, toilets, offices and other spaces between these.


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Where did the manifesto originate? 

A group of school pupils at Shawlands Academy in Glasgow who were experiencing a number of barriers to their participation in PE, were supported by their school and by LEAP Sports Scotland to explore these barriers and to develop responses to those. This work became the basis for the Manifesto “Safer Sports at Shawlands Academy” which the school then committed to. This Manifesto has been developed out of this work. Following this great work, the Manifesto is being offered to schools across Scotland.