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Lothian Roller Derby

Roller Derby in the Lothians

About the club

We are a group of Roller Derby skaters based in the Lothians, having awesome fun on 8 wheels!

As long as you are over 18 and have a sense of adventure, come join our team! No experience necessary – we’ll take you from bambi to brilliant in superquick time!

Note: Although we compete as a female team, anyone can join the league and skate with us.

When we meet

  • New Skater sessionsSunday 1:00pm
    If you are new to skating you are welcome to come and learn with us. We will teach you how to skate, stop and speed about the track. Get in touch if you want to start skating of have more questions: newskaters@lothianderbydolls.comMusselburgh Sports Centre
  • Cost

    £5 per session


    £25.00 a month (for your first 3 months)

Edinburgh and surrounding Lothians


Kirsty Brown, Chair of League