Boxing Clubs Condemn Use of Slur

23rd October 2017

Boxing Clubs Condemn Use of Slur

LGBT Boxing Clubs Condemn Conor Mcgregor’s Use of Homophobic Slur

Conor McGregor’s use of homophobic language leaves Knockout LGBT boxing clubs disappointed in both McGregor and the lack of UFC action.

Knockout Glasgow and Knockout London, two LGBT boxing groups based in the UK, are joining LEAP Sports, Scotland’s national LGBTI sports charity, in demanding that the organisers of UFC do more to tackle homophobia among their athletes after the offensive slur made by UFC champion Conor McGregor on Saturday 21 October.

At UFC Fight Night 118 in Gdansk, Conor was filmed consoling his teammate Artem Lobov after his loss to Andre Fili. Speaking to Lobov, McGregor appears to say: "He was a f****t, everyone knew he was a f****t." This episode has followed two other incidents of homophobic language by Michael Bisping and Fabricio Weldrum.

Ewan McPherson, President of Knockout Glasgow, said “McGregor’s use of homophobic language is very concerning and he has failed to realise the impact of this word on not only his LGBT fans but the wider LGBT community at large. This is sadly the third incident of homophobia among UFC athletes in recent months. Imagine what a young person struggling with their sexual orientation or gender identity must be feeling after hearing these words.” 

Paddy O’Sullivan, President of Knockout London, said “ Even though UFC have done some great work for the LGBT community, we feel they must do more to make their athletes realise they risk putting barriers in place for those who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or trans in accessing martial arts. We therefore call on UFC to increase the work they are doing in condemning homophobia”.

Sirri Topping, spokesperson for LEAP Sports Scotland, said “As Scotland's national LGBTI sports charity, we are disappointed to hear Conor McGregor repeatedly state a word which has been used to disparage members of the LGBTI community for decades. Beyond the underlying hatred in the word, to use this term to belittle an opponent is to connote that homosexuality is weakness and that there is no place for gay men in MMA. As such, LEAP condemn McGregor's use of the word, and will continue to work with groups such as KnockOut Glasgow to offset the harm such comments impose on LGBTI participation in sport.”

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Written on 23rd October 2017.