New Manual for Inclusive Mobilities

21st June 2022

New Manual for Inclusive Mobilities

The Erasmus+ project 'ID-PRO: Protocols for Inclusion and Diversity in mobility projects' has now published its results.

The project has the intention of establishing protocols that facilitate the work of educators, youth workers, educational leaders, and supporting staff that work in mobility projects, within Erasmus+ but also within any other international mobility programmes. Mobilities refer to short and long-term exchanges from one country to another, for educational, training, or other purposes, and the most common examples are youth exchanges, VET mobilities, and international training courses. 

The project partnership is: Asociación Mundus (Spain), LEAP Sports Scotland (UK), Centrs MARTA (Latvia), and CESIE (Italy).

The main result of the project was the creation of a 'Manual for Making Mobilities more Inclusive' linked here and attached below. It includes protocols for prevention, action, mediation and/or reconciliation in the face of discriminatory attitudes and violence between and towards participants of mobility projects. It also includes definitions of concepts around discrimination, and explains the key parts of a mobility in order to understand how they can be modified to be more inclusive. The main areas of inclusivity considered are disability, gender identity, LGBIQ+ identity, race, ethnicity, national origin, and other social inclusion.

In addition to the manual, as an example of good practice, the partnership created a 'Guidebook for Inclusive Communication' linked here. This addresses all organisations who are interested in finding out how to adapt their personal and professional communication to be more inclusive, particularly in the context of mobilities.

Written on 21st June 2022.