LEAP joins Glasgow Community Lottery

22nd October 2020

LEAP joins Glasgow Community Lottery

Link to tickets below

Glasgow Community Lottery will be starting up in November and LEAP sports have paired up with them. Glasgow Community Lottery is a weekly lottery committed to helping and supporting residents and the area of Glasgow. 

If you wish to support us and our cause the LEAP sports page is here: tickets cost only £1 per week and for every ticket sold LEAP sports receives 50p. Our target is modest, hoping to sell 50 tickets and of course how can we talk about a lottery without mentioning the best part...

The prizes! For every ticket bought gives you a 1 in 50 chance to win a variety of prizes with the top jackpot being a whopping £25,000! The draws take place every Saturday and the winner will be contacted via email, select 6 random digits between 0 and 9 then match all 6 to win.

For more information about the lottery please visit:

For a video on how the lottery works visit:

Written on 22nd October 2020.