Become a Parkour coach with Ukemi!

29th June 2020

Become a Parkour coach with Ukemi!

Parkour group Ukemi offering FREE 'Coaching for Coaches' sessions in Glasgow to LGBTQI and BAME individuals.

Ukemi are offering support for up to five members of the BAME and LGBTQI community on a program that will take them from novice to Parkour coaching level. This initiative is run voluntarily by the team and is free at the point of access.

The sessions will take place in Glasgow, with a provisional start date of Sunday 12 July.

Statement from the Ukemi team:

"The team has been reflecting on both the radical changes happening around the world in contrast with the stagnant nature of lockdown. Much of our projects involve trying to re-envision the city as a place of departure for play, creativity and movement. However, these fixed realities we hope for in the future mean nothing without the social conditions in which they become accessible to all.

We must face up to the reality that these often changes don’t begin with objects, products and designs but with people. That it is people who are the catalyst and something we should invest in more for goals further down our roadmap to become a reality. Although we aimed to keep Ukemi out with the coaching world, this is an area in which we can invoke change and launching this standalone project is the action we could take that makes the most sense to us."


  • Six months (or as long as it takes) of FREE weekly Parkour sessions in/around Glasgow city centre to get participants to coaching level.
  • Provisional start date is Sunday 12th July
  • Support in applying for funding to cover examination costs and finding partners to support this
  • Guidance on how to identify work opportunities as a parkour coach


  • Increase the visibility of minority groups in public space
  • Develop professional skills
  • Increase diversity of parkour coaching/scene in Scotland


  1. For those with existing coaching/teaching practices or those with a decent foundation of movement (Without this, Ukemi may be unable to get them to coaching level within six months)
  2. Living in or able to regularly travel to Glasgow
  3. If you have a disability, please discuss this with Ukemi beforehand to help them understand the best way to support you. ADAPT (coaching qualification) has been used in the past to suit a variety of needs and the challenges/tests
  4. All sessions will run within social distancing guidelines, and this may mean the format is two shorter sessions each week to get everyone in

How to apply:

  1. Tell Ukemi why you want to do it (email)
  2. Have a short phone call or socially distanced walk so they can learn more about your practice, needs, and goals
  3. You're in!!!

Email to find out more about this opportunity.


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Written on 29th June 2020.