Three City Challenge Launch!

1st February 2021

Three City Challenge Launch!

Join the Three City Challenge to get moving during this winter lockdown!

Calling all LGBTIQ+ folk and friends in Edinburgh, Munich and Ukraine! Do you want to get active, but need a bit of extra motivation to #BeatLockdownLethargy? We have partnered up with our friends at Munich Kyiv Queer to run the Three City Challenge, and we invite you to take part!

By running our Three City Sports Challenge, we want to support our community through these difficult lockdown times. Since our sports fields, gyms and swimming pools are closed, many of us have been cut off from the places we train and the people we train with. On top of this, the physical distancing measures mean that we’re meeting up with fewer friends, less frequently. For the sake of our physical and mental wellbeing as individuals, as well as for our cohesion as a community, we are convinced that it’s never been more essential for us to help each other to #KeepMoving #StayMotivated and #GetConnected.

The challenge is designed for everyone: for all types of sport, exercise, and activity, from athletics to zumba, ballet to yoyo-ing, kettlebells and quidditch, at all ability levels. You really don’t need to be fit, sporty or active to join and take part, because you set the task and the bar, and the challenge is to stick at it and keep going.

In order to help us all stay motivated, we’re inviting members of the LGBTIQ+ community in the three sister-cities Munich, Kyiv and Edinburgh to take part, complete the challenge together and support each other as a virtual community.

Here's how it works:

  • Join our private Facebook page and follow mkq_sport on Instagram
  • Tell us what you plan to do for a challenge
  • Stick at it until the end of April
  • Share at least 8 posts on Facebook or Instagram before the end of the challenge to receive a certificate and enter the prize draw

(Three City Challenge logo - EMU = Edinburgh Munich Ukraine)

Written on 1st February 2021.