Trans in Sport Photography Exhibition

16th December 2020

Trans in Sport Photography Exhibition

This is a preview of the whole exhibition which is due to be released later in 2021.

LEAP Sports and European Solidarity Corps volunteer Tina Smid started working on her ESC Personal Project in September, and since then has done photoshoots with 12 different trans people based in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Stirling.

The aim of this project was to increase the visibility of trans people within sport, and to show that trans people have the same passion and motivation to participate and excel in sport.

This was an extremely successful and rewarding project which went above all expectations, especially considering the fact it happened during Covid.

The plan for this project is to host a number of temporary exhibitions in 2021 in various locations, including sports facilities around Scotland and Slovenia. The ultimate goal would be to host an exhibition at a major sports tournament such as the Euro Games or Gay Games, or who knows... even the Olympics!

The collection of photos shown below are a preview for the whole exhibition.

Aiden Napier - Volleyball

Huld - Fitness

Geri Williams - Cycling (Road)

Elijah Graham & Ethan Williamson - Cycling

Ewan Coull - Bouldering

Alex Coyle - Football

Rob Berrie - Cycling (MTB)

Chloe Stanton - Rugby

Maxine Yates - Cycling (MTB)

Helena Thomas - Hockey

These photos are the intellectual property of LEAP Sports Scotland and should not be copied without consent of the author.

Written on 16th December 2020.