Is your community ready for a Big Bike Revival?

18th July 2018

Is your community ready for a Big Bike Revival?

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Big Bike Revival

The Big Bike Revival in Scotland is an initiative to support the Scottish Government’s vision of 10% of journeys by bike by 2020. It aims to get more people cycling, which is the mission that sits at the core of Cycling UK, its members and the network of sustainable cycling groups that it supports.

The Big Bike Revival in Scotland will give community groups funding to help individuals to repair old bikes that have been lying in the shed for years, learn how to keep them serviceable and gain the confidence to make local journeys by bike.

Want to get involved?

The Big Bike Revival is looking for 100 groups across Scotland to run events and led cycle rides that engage their communities — and there are small grants of up to £800 to help. You could do any of the following: 

- Opportunities to get bikes fixed, and people taught how to maintain them

- Events that showcase a range of bikes that meet different needs

- Cycle training to help people feel more confident to cycle on the road

- Led rides that help people use their local cycle paths and low traffic routes

- Route planning and bike buddying sessions

Support from LEAP

If you are an LGBTI community group or you want to set something up for LGBTI people locally, we can work with you to help you: 

- Plan events, training, coaching and support locally 

- Help with events to engage your local community 

- Support you to access the small grants 

- Provide ongoing support after the Revival to sustain your activity and develop 

What next?

You can get in touch directly at or if you want support from LEAP Sports to help to organise something for your local community, you should get in touch with

Written on 18th July 2018.