Could you be our new EGLSF representative?

6th February 2019

Could you be our new EGLSF representative?

Seeking applications from LGBTI sports group members 

LEAP Sports has been a member of the European Gay and Lesbian Sports Federation (EGLSF) since 2012. We have been represented by members of our board and staff team at EGLSF meetings, conferences and their annual general assembly (AGA) during this time. From 2019, we’d like to add a new additional representative who can represent the voice of sports clubs within the LEAP Sports network. We will commit to this position for 2 years at which point we will review the role and the resources available to support it. This will be a voluntary role, but travel and subsistence expenses will be covered where appropriate.

As such, we are inviting members of existing sports clubs within the LEAP Sports network to put their names forward to be a representative. You should be someone who:

  • is a member of a sports club within the LEAP Sports network (see the clubfinder on our website if you are not sure) (essential)
  • has been a member of your club for a minimum of 2 years (or if you’ve switched clubs then for a total of 2 years) (essential)
  • has been or currently are a committee member, or with a track record of working on behalf of your club beyond participating in your sport (essential)
  • can provide a supporting reference from an office bearer in your club (essential)
  • is willing to represent more than your own club and to provide reports and feedback to other clubs (essential)
  • is willing to commit to this role for a period of 2 years (essential)
  • already represents your club on the LEAP East or West forums if you are based in these areas (not essential)
  • is able to travel to Budapest to take part in the next AGA which takes place on the 15th and 16th March (not essential)

If this is something that you are interested in, please get in touch with us by sending the following to us:

  • a statement demonstrating how you meet the criteria stipulated above (including a short supporting reference from an office bearer of your club)
  • plus a 500 word statement of motivation

Your statement of motivation may also include any views of the role, your understanding of LGBTIQ+ sport at a European level, and what you’d hope to achieve.  The deadline for this is Wednesday 20th February and the decision will be taken by a panel including 2 LEAP Sports personnel and an external assessor.  

Written on 6th February 2019.