Festival Fortnight Small Grants Scheme Opens

28th February 2017

Festival Fortnight Small Grants Scheme Opens

Small grants available for sports and community groups to put on events for our Festival Fortnight in June.

This year’s Festival Fortnight will take place from 1st — 14th June as usual, and as well as a number of events which we’re very excited about, we want to see lots of grassroots activities across the country for LGBTI people to get involved in. To help make this happen, this small grants scheme allows sports groups and community groups, a small resource (typically around £80-£200) to put on an event.

Your group could:

  • Have a ‘Come and Try’ event to encourage people to come along.
  • Have an open night.
  • Have a challenge event or tournament.
  • Put on a cultural event

Check out the website here to see what others have done and to get some inspiration.


Events should fall into one of the following areas:

1) Activities which improve the lives of LGBTI people by increasing their access to sport.
2) Supporting the development of LGBTI sports groups or leaders.
3) Using sport to grow LGBTI activism or to grow new grassroots sports initiatives.
4) Wider cultural events examining LGBTI equality in sport.

This year we also have a particular focus on:

1) Events which celebrate LGBTI communities within sport
2) Events in rural areas

It’s a very simple process to apply, and you have until the deadline of Monday 3rd April to submit your applications. APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED

Festival Fortnight is an exciting mix of sport, cultural, academic and recreational events and activities co-ordinated by LEAP Sports Scotland. The festival aims to increase the visibility and participation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people in Scottish sport. The festival also provides opportunities to raise awareness of LGBTI issues within sport and creates spaces to examine wider equality, inclusion and human rights issues within the world of sport and physical activity.

Please note that there is a separate grants scheme for youth groups. APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED

You can list your Festival Fortnight activity or event on the website here until 20th April.

Written on 28th February 2017.