Rainbow Glasgaroos is one year old

24th February 2020

Rainbow Glasgaroos is one year old

LGBTIQ+ basketball club reaches an important milestone

Rainbow Glasgaroos was set up exactly one year ago this month and has gone from strength to strength in their first year. They recently received a small grant from The Robertson Trust to support their growth.  The club ran an inclusive Festival Fortnight event partnering with Basketball Scotland to run wheelchair basketball last year and it was so successful they have plans to run it again this year.  They recently played City of Glasgow College in their first ever proper match (which they won). 

"Rainbow Glasgaroos, to me, is very important because it allows for an accessible and inclusive way to exercise and socialise with others that I know will be able to relate to the stuff I go through to some extent. I find public exercise very daunting as a woman who is trans as I worry about what others will say but feel at ease here. I also appreciate that it's free as their is no financial barrier. I'm really glad Rainbow Glasgaroos exists"   Melissa, Rainbow Glasgaroos member

"It has been wonderful to see Rainbow Glasgaroos move from strength to strength over the past year. They have put inclusion at the forefront and have been able to enjoy a diverse membership because of this. A very Happy Birthday from all at LEAP Sports Scotland!" Sirri Topping, LEAP Sports

The Rainbow Glasgaroos is an LGBTQI+ basketball group that is fun, friendly and doesn’t take itself too seriously. They are a mixed gender group and train and play as mixed gender. It takes place Thursday nights at City of Glasgow College. You can contact for more details

Written on 24th February 2020.