#LGBTInnovators - Welsh Former Netball Player Cara Lea Moseley

15th February 2016

#LGBTInnovators - Welsh Former Netball Player Cara Lea Moseley

Cara Lea Moseley is a Welsh former International Netball Player. Cara played for Celtic Dragons, and was Vice Captain of the national team for Wales.

With over 50 caps for Wales, Cara competed at both the 2007 and 2011 World Championships and 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

Speaking about her time playing netball she said:

“I loved playing for the Dragons. The tem have a dedicated following of fans, the ‘green army’, who come to everything. But then nothing beats playing for your country. I always said at four or five years old I wanted to do the Olympics or equivalent. Nothing else would have given me the same achievement if I hadn’t got to that. My sole purpose was to play to the top.”

Cara now spends most of her time as Director of her company Mind in Sport. Mind in Sport combines psychology with sport. I travel around and have worked with Brighton FC, Swansea FC, Colchester United and Wales Rowing. I love it, the job’s very flexible. It’s hard to summarise what exactly I do but it’s about mental health in sport. As athletes we are so well supported, but the thing we don’t support is the person.

My business is about making sure they are happy. I use elements of CBT and do both individual and group sessions. It’s about empowerment and making emotionally intelligent staff and players, because if you’re generally happy you’re a better player.

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Written on 15th February 2016.