New non-binary in sport resource published

15th September 2020

New non-binary in sport resource published

The open source booklet is available for download

A new booklet which aims to provide sports organisations and organisers; sports regulators and governing bodies; and members of sporting communities with a resource to help accessibility for non-binary people and people of all genders, has been produced and is available now for download here

The booklet is based upon 'New Identities and Sport: Rising to the Challenge', an event hosted by the University of Central Lancashire in October 2019 as part of a Wellcome Trust project. The event brought together many academics and activists in the field including LEAP Sports and a strong contingent of activists from Scotland. The resource also features a case study of Edinburgh Frontrunners.   

Commenting on the launch of the booklet, Helen Spandler, Professor of Mental Health Studies from University of Central Lancashire said: 

“Sport tends to be heavily regulated in terms of outdated ‘binary’ notions of sex and gender. In other words, people usually have to identify as exclusively male or female in order to compete. Rather than being a niche or marginal issue, we believe this issue effects more people than is often realised. Yet there is little information currently available on this subject. We wanted to show how sports organisations can more pro-actively include people whose gender identities are non-binary i.e. not exclusively or consistently male or female. The modest proposals suggested in this booklet could not only benefit non-binary people, but could also help positively transform sport for everyone”.

The booklet is available as open source and can be downloaded by clicking the picture below.

NB Inclusion in Sport booklet

Written on 15th September 2020.