New! Trans Women Steering Group

12th April 2022

New! Trans Women Steering Group

LEAP Sports is setting up a new steering group 

The new group will have the aim of improving the experience of trans women in sport.

This group is open to trans women and trans feminine people who are passionate about or interested in LGBTIQ+ inclusion in sport.

An interest or experience in sport is desirable but we are open to all women who have left or felt disenfranchised from sport and/or have experienced trans misogyny in sport.

We are looking for people who are passionate about sport and inclusion.

Our aim is to to create a team that will be part of an ongoing expert experience panel who can inform the work and priorities of LEAP Sports. This will build upon existing knowledge of the key issues faced by trans women in sport and explore practices to increase confidence both in trans women wanting to take part in sport but also for in sports teams/ managers who want to be more inclusive of trans women in their sports. 

We also aim to gather stories, accounts and testimonials from trans women in sport to show a positive counter narrative to the mainstream one. This is to include; positive examples, practical solutions, and stories of inclusion & acceptance in sport.

This project will run for 18 months, with the time commitment being approx 1 meeting per month. This will be a mixture of online and in person events with funding available to help with transport.

If you, or you know of someone in your organisation who would be interested, please contact for more information. 

Written on 12th April 2022.