Out & About: Highlands updates

23rd April 2024

Out & About: Highlands updates

Whether it be Walk & Coffee meet-ups, Orienteering Challenges or Gentle Community Walks, LGBTQ+ people in the highlands are heading outdoors together. March and April have seen the start of our most successful Out & About Activity, walking and hiking.

Natalie From Out on the Hills has been supporting the Project with an Mountain Orienteering Course and two large hikes supporting LGBTQ+ people reach new heights no matter the weather. Natalie is also delivering a program of walks to get people ready to climb Ben Nevis in Late Spring - you can find out more about how to join Natalie’s walks here - Out on the Hills

A word from Natalie:

"There's a growing interest in hillwalking in the LGBTQ+ community, which is really awesome. It's fantastic to see people joining us on walks regularly - no matter what the weather is like. Being a part of that, helping people learn new skills, and encouraging them to spend more time in nature, is one of the most rewarding things I've ever done."

Logan & Gavin have been leading accessible & Gentle walks for the community around the Highlands and Moray. Gavin hosted his first Walk and Coffee at Dundreggan Rewilding Centre, moving further west for the first Walk and Coffee of 2024. He had 19 participants join the walk, one of our most well attended walks and received some lovely feedback. Walk and Coffee continues to be our most popular community activity attracting lots of people from across the highlands and Moray. Logan from Queers in the Hills held his first walk and coffee event in the moray area, we are really excited to support Logan lead his “Chatty Coffee Walks” as he reaches a new audience in the Moray area. You can find out more about how to join Logan’s walks here - Queers in the Hills

A word from Logan:

"So many aspects of our lives are structured as competition and constant comparison that we forget at times how community building is the nourishment we're actually craving. I used to go hill walking alone to get away from all the pressure to achieve and perform measured activities. I would lose myself in the wild beauty and ultimately find myself&mdashmy identity, my stability, and my resilience. I started the group 'Queers in the Hills' when I listened to my friends and realised I have the capacity to respond to their search for connection. Participants of our walks always mention how it's the company they appreciate and the moments of friendship they enjoy.”

We would love to see you at the next walk or hike in the Highlands, for any further information please contact or

Written on 23rd April 2024.