Personal Best Challenge

21st April 2020

Personal Best Challenge

Whilst some of us are stuck at home during lockdown, why not challenge yourself with the LEAP Sports personal best programme! 

It’s simple, choose your activity, practise every week and let us know how you get on. Everyone who manages to achieve their personal best will receive a medal and certificate

This challenge is for anyone of any ability, you do not need to be fit, sporty or active, the only person you are competing against is yourself and you should stay true to the level you are at. It is very simple, here is what you have to do;

  • Pick an activity, this could be walking, running, yoga, skipping, or a particular challenge like sit ups, push ups, planking.
  • See how much of this activity you can do in one go
  • Each week practise your activity and try and improve on the previous week’s record
  • Comment on our weekly post or DM LEAP Sports each week to let us us know how you get on
  • We will track everyone's activity and send out medals and certificates when lockdown is finally over!

For example, Amy may choose to do planking, when she starts she can plank for 10 seconds. She practises everyday and by the second week she can plank for 20 seconds, she continues like this improving by a few seconds each week until she manages to plank for 40 seconds by the end of lockdown!

Of course, your personal best could be to maintain some activity, sometimes keeping something going on a regular basis can be a challenge in itself. Just let us know if your PB is achieving regular activity and we will make sure your persistence counts as part of the programme.

When you have chosen an activity, comment on our launch posts on Monday 27th April letting us know what activity you are going to do so we can start tracking your progress. There will be a post every Monday where you can comment with your progress so that by the end of lockdown we will be able to see how far you have come. When it is all over we will be in touch to send you your awards

The Scottish Government requires that we only go outside for one lot of exercise a day so we ask that you adhere to this and be creative with your personal best challenges to stick with the Government guidelines.

Stay home, stay safe and more importantly have fun!

If you are based in England check out Pride Sports for their Personal Best challenge on Pride Sports Website 

Written on 21st April 2020.