Sport Changes Lives 2

29th January 2019

Sport Changes Lives 2

Call for submissions for the 2019 version of Sport Changes Lives 

We are pleased to be putting together a new 2019 edition of Sport Changes Lives. This resource is a collection of personal stories showing how sport and physical activity can change the lives of LGBTI people, and how it actively supports journeys of sexual orientation and gender identity.

The resource exists as a physical booklet which you can view in PDF form here.

As well as a collection of online stories which you can access here.

The previous edition mainly focused on people accessing LGBTI specific clubs and initiatives. This new edition will focus mainly on people involved in sport and physical activity in mainstream settings.

We are now inviting submissions for the new edition and are looking for LGBTIQ+ identifying people. This is a great opportunity to showcase inclusion, diversity and equality within your sport, to highlight some of the great work that has taken place, and to offer you the chance to have a conversation with an individual about the impact your sport, club or association has had on them.

If you are interested in making a submission then you should please send the following to by the deadline of 18th March 2019:

- name of the individual

- approx 350 words of testimony on how sport has changed their life

- approx 50 words on your sports club, association or governing body

- a photograph of the person, headshots work best

- a photo of the person playing their sport or a generic photo that showcases the sport 

Written on 29th January 2019.