Sport in the Park and Timed Run

16th May 2018

Sport in the Park and Timed Run

Yet another wonderful opportunity to celebrate Festival Fortnight! 

Beautiful days are coming and the weather is getting warmer - it’s time to go outside!

The After School Activity Programme is running taster session for Festival Fortnight. Venture to Kelvingrove Park red-ash pitches and turn this lovely Scottish space into an American sports ground. If you fancy trying softball, American flag football, ultimate frisbee or just need to unwind, Kelvingrove is the place to be. These events are open to all abilities and experiences for EVERYONE aged 14+.

If you prefer to run without chasing a ball or frisbee, join Afer School Activities Programme for a timed run! Do you know your real limit? Do you think you can beat Usain Bolt? Surprise yourself! Receive your time for running 100, 200, 400, 800 or 1600m in a safe and inclusive, non-competitive environment. 

All events offer the chance to meet new people, create new relationship, share unforgettable moments, discover new sports and most importantly, have fun! Events are FREE, all you have to bring is energy!  


  • Friday, 1st & 8th  June, 17:30
  • Monday, 4th & 11th June, 17:30
  • Wednesday, 6th & 13th June, 17:30

Venue/Location: Red Ash Pitch, Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow, G12 8QQ


  • Saturday, 2nd June, 18:00
  • Saturday, 9th June, 18:00

Venue/Location: Running Track, Maryhill Park, 19 Spence Street, Glasgow, G20 0AW 

Please come in kit as there are no changing facilities available at either venue

If you would like more information, please contact Steven at:

Written on 16th May 2018.