Sport Changes Lives... Sami's Story

5th January 2017

Sport Changes Lives... Sami's Story

Sami's Story

I wanted to try boxing for over a year before I finally decided to go along to Knockout. The problem was that I wasn’t too sure if I would be able find a club that I would feel comfortable in. I decided to try Knockout and was really surprised.

At my first class I instantly felt relaxed and comfortable with everyone. I have attended many exercise classes and martial arts clubs and this is the friendliest, most welcoming group I have ever been part of. You really feel part of a team and we all encourage one another.

Over the course of a few sessions, I managed to improve my skills. I have joint problems and this was also putting me off, fearing boxing would be too physically demanding. I had to give up karate due to health. Our coach put my fears at ease. He encourages you to push yourself without overdoing it. The class incorporates a great warm up and cool down, minimising any muscle injuries. I haven’t managed to make every class but can already see my fitness levels improving.

There is a lot more to boxing than I thought and I’m really enjoying the technical side of it — it’s like playing a game of chess, you always need to be five steps ahead of your opponent. I’m totally hooked now and it’s having such a positive effect on my life: I’m thinking more about what I eat now and I’m also making better choices with my spare time. As a full time carer for my son, sometimes all I want to do is sleep but I’m now dragging myself up and going to Knockout and walking or swimming on other days. I also like the social side of Knockout — it’s a great way to meet new people with similar interests.

Knockout is a boxing club based in Glasgow for the LGBT community and friends, providing boxing training sessions, friendly sparring practice and a new pathway into the sport of boxing. All levels including complete beginners are welcome.

Written on 5th January 2017.