Team Scotland for Gay Games, Paris 2018

15th August 2017

Team Scotland for Gay Games, Paris 2018

The tenth Gay Games will take part in Paris in August 2018. 

Following consultation with teams and athletes in Scotland who have participated in EuroGames, Gay Games and World OutGames, we have recognised the need to develop a team identity which will allow participants to come together to build mutual support, to develop social networks and opportunities, and to work together in building our participation efforts for Paris 2018 which takes place in just under one year from now..

We are therefore delighted to announce that in agreement with the Gay Games organisers Paris 2018, we will have a Team Scotland as part of the opening and closing ceremonies for the first time. This is only the third time in 36 years that the Games will have taken place in Europe, and we will be working hard for the next year to encourage the highest level of engagement and participation ever seen from Scotland.

A spokesperson from the Hotscots who were the bronze medallists at the 2015 EuroGames in Stockholm said; ‘As we build towards our participation in the Paris Gay Games next year, the HotScots welcome the opportunity for members to choose to represent Scotland. Whilst we are a club made up of members from across the UK and beyond, we hope that the prospect of representing Scotland will spur on some of our members (and others across the LGBT community) to participate in their chosen events in Paris.

‘We have participated in a number of international multi-sport tournaments, including the 2010 Gay Games in Cologne where it was noticeable that some of the smaller countries were all able to build a real team spirit across different events. This ranged from hosting social events, supporting other team members at other events or just sporting matching t-shirts at the opening ceremony.

‘We hope that we will be able to have something similar in Paris, with the best ever turnout of participants from across the Scottish LGBT community.’

You can register for Paris 2018 here , or you can register or sign-up for updates on Team Scotland here.  

Also keep an eye on our Paris 2018 page.  

Written on 15th August 2017.