Thank you Keith

11th April 2023

Thank you Keith

Keith Wimbles steps down as Chair of LEAP Sports 

Today marks the end of an era as we say goodbye and thank you to the Chair of our Board of Trustees, Keith Wimbles. Keith joined us fresh from his retirement as the Chief Executive of Impact Funding Partners. Keith worked in the third sector for more than 25 years in a career which included being convenor of the Scotland Funders’ Forum, working with Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations and with Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector. He has developed and led numerous funding, learning and networking programmes to support the development of the third sector. 

Keith's passion for equality, diversity, inclusion and human rights continued into retirement as he took on a portfolio of voluntary positions including as Chair of LEAP Sports. Keith brought a stability to the organisation at a time of great challenge as we were in the full grip of the covid-19 pandemic, and facing a significant loss of funding due to the UK's withdrawal from the European Union. 

We say a huge thanks to Keith for steering us through the stormy waters of the last few years, and wish him all the best now as he embraces true retirement.  

Written on 11th April 2023.