Volunteer Conference 2020

27th January 2020

Volunteer Conference 2020

This Saturday we organised our big annual volunteer conference for LEAP Sports Scotland volunteers!

In the first of the five hour conference we presented them with four different aspects of volunteer roles in LEAP. Once they had a better understanding we made connections between different aspects of the roles and we made a rainbow tartan in honour of Burns Night

After lunch we had short warm up where we collected letters that spelt out the word volunteer which had been hidden around the park, we then had an evaluation of the volunteer experience over the past year. We talked about which events will happen this year and volunteers signed up to different events and projects.

The last hour was run by Sirri Topping and Hugh Torrance who ran workshops on events and policy work and showed volunteers some tips and tricks to working in both events and policy.

It was a great event with socialising, planning events and reviewing the volunteer process so that volunteers and staff can improve. We are excited for the events this coming year!

Picture from the event:

Written on 27th January 2020.