Volunteer Voice Launches

2nd March 2020

Volunteer Voice Launches

LEAP Sports Scotland launches new Volunteer Voice initiative! 

We recently established a new group called Volunteer Voice. This group is a team of volunteers who have dedicated part of their volunteer time to work to support the LEAP Sports Scotland volunteers and staff to improve the volunteer experience. They will be working to get feedback and take any questions or suggestions from volunteers to relay to the volunteer coordinator. They will also be part of some staff meetings and working with the board to ensure that the voice of the volunteers is heard and that we are working with volunteers best interests at heart

The volunteer voice can be contacted by volunteers or potential volunteer through the email

The volunteer coordinator commented "I always maintain an open-door policy with volunteers and hope that we can maintain the positive relationship I have developed with them, I do however understand the importance of being able to talk with you peers and people who can relate to your position. I hope that this group can make an effective and positive change to the volunteer process and to how staff and volunteers work together" 

Now, let's meet the team!

Iain French

Hiya, my name is Iain French, pronouns he/him and I’ve been a volunteer for LEAP for about 2 and a half years. I wanted to get involved in Volunteer Voice as I am passionate about volunteering and I love LEAP! Happy to be contacted by any volunteers about anything and excited to see what we get to do with this group!

Interesting fact: I have read a Harry Potter book in Latin for my higher Latin exam at school  

Natalie Bello

I help with any social media and reaching out to volunteers about their experience at LEAP Sports and listening to concerns from volunteers. I have been a social media volunteer for LEAP Sports for the last year. I am from the United States and have lived in Scotland for two and a half years studying at the University of Strathclyde. I am looking forward to meeting more volunteers.

Interesting Fact: I love cooking especially some of her favourite foods from home

Hamid El Bouazzaouy

Hi there, my name is Hamid, he/him pronouns and I’ve been involved with Leap sports Scotland as a volunteer for about 1 year.

I wanted to be part of Volunteer Voice as I am enthusiastic about volunteering and It allows me to get to know new interesting people and develop my interpersonal skills. As well as this I’m always happy to get in touch by any volunteers about anything and excited to see what we get to do with this group.

The interesting fact that I can think of is: I have watched the movie “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare instead of reading the whole play for my university finals and passed with good grades

Bill Morrison Gardiner 

Hello, I am Bill. I am a proud product of, and passionate about, LGBTQI+ sport power to unite communities, families and impact positively on our physical and mental wellbeing. I hope my voice will contribute to your inspirational volunteer experience

Interesting fact: I love sunsets and sunrises

Written on 2nd March 2020.