LGBTIQ+ Sports Welfare Fund Reopened

1st April 2021

LGBTIQ+ Sports Welfare Fund Reopened

Covid response funding reopened to support sports participation

LEAP Sports are pleased to relaunch COVID-19 response funding designed to maintain sport and physical activity participation in the LGBTIQ+ community. The LGBTIQ+ Welfare Fund is set up to meet the needs of participants in LGBTIQ+ sports clubs, groups, programmes or initiatives, who require financial aid in order to maintain their participation in sport. We will also consider applications from LGBTIQ+ people without access to LGBTIQ+ specific provision, with the same needs. This could cover a variety of costs such as membership fees, equipment, or transportation.

Please note that this is not a financial grant; if successful, LEAP Sports will commit to make purchases or cover specific costs directly on your behalf. This is short term funding until the 31st May 2021 designed to support LGBTIQ+ communities in their COVID-19 response. Funding is allocated by LEAP Sports on a rolling basis, so apply sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment. You can make an application here.

This pot, alongside the LGBTIQ+ Sports Provision Fund, is made possible through funding from the Scottish Government Communities Recovery Fund.

For further information or queries please contact

Written on 1st April 2021.