Youth Activists Graduate

5th November 2019

Youth Activists Graduate

Youth Activist Academy graduation

The Youth Activist Academy has been a year-long project where young people have built on existing skills and developed many new ones useful for LGBTIQ+ activism.  Seven groups of young people completed community activist projects based on making sport more inclusive for LGBTIQ+ people. On Saturday night the young people graduated after a day of evaluation and final meetings. The community projects were: 

Project one: A guide aimed at upskilling the trans community to be able to access gyms and ask the right questions to find out if they are accessible, as well as a companion guide for leisure facilities. 

Projects two: A series of interviews which examine the experiences of different generations of LGBTIQ+ and their relationship with sport: click here to see the interviews.

Project three: A coaches toolkit for football coaches who want to learn more about the LGBTIQ+ community and make their club more inclusive, created in partnership with Football v Homophobia. 

Project four: An LGBTIQ+ 101 resource for anyone in the sports sector who wants to learn more 

Project five: This project is a self-assessment tool for junior football clubs. They will be asked a series of questions and depending on their answer will be given guidance. If they are able to answer yes to all questions, they will receive Football v Homophobia accreditation

Project six: A guide to different sports trans policies so that the trans community in Scotland can have a greater understanding of which sports are accessible 

Project seven: BAME LGBTIQ+ Experiences in Sport was a social media campaign highlighting the experiences of different intersectional identities, this culminated in an event with a panel discussion from four BAME LGBTIQ+ people, a zine-making workshop and a healing circle

All the community projects that were created are meaningful pieces of work that will have a significant impact on LEAP Sports work as well as supporting the LGBTIQ+ community to get involved in sport in a number of different ways.  You can read a full project evaluation here.

Congratulations to all the graduates! 

Written on 5th November 2019.