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Volunteers: Home Hosts

One of the volunteering opportunities we have available is our Home Hosts scheme. Being a Home Host basically means a form of Couchsurfing where you agree to host an LGBTI activist who is visiting as part of our international work, where they may not otherwise be able to afford to visit. Here are some of the experiences from volunteers who have hosted with us.

Alison’s Story: We had a great time hosting our visitor during the Commonwealth Games. It made us feel really involved in the Games and Pride House — playing our part in making it a success. It was lovely to meet someone new and interesting, we enjoyed his company very much. We got the chance to attend events that we wouldn’t have known about otherwise. It wasn’t any trouble either, our guest was fabulous and because he was here to attend events he had lots of things to do so we were very happy to let him do his own thing and a couple of times we went out together or ate together. We enjoyed it so much that we’ve hosted again during projects in 2015 and 2016, and met some great people. Give it a go, I’d recommend it, you’ll get the chance to meet someone new, support a great cause and possibly make a friend!

Steven’s Story: I hosted in summer 2014 and really enjoyed the experience. I hadn’t really given it much thought other than providing a bedspace for someone to lay their head but at this time of culture and Commonwealth, it turned out to be a real joy as I learned all about Chris’s cultural background and his travels and diverse talents and skills. Both LEAP and Chris made it a very stress free and unfussed process and I would be happy and confident to host again.

Jen’s Story: I hosted for an international event in 2016. I was a bit nervous at first, but we got the chance to get matched up well and I had the absolute best time. It’s such a great way to meet LGBT sports activists from other parts of the world, it helps you to see the struggles of others, and to know that you’re contributing to a global movement. As an added bonus I’m now planning a visit to Poland to see my new friend. Just do it!