About Us

Vision & Objectives

Our mission

Sport and all the benefits it brings should be for everyone and we are dedicated to making Scotland a proud leader in the ongoing campaign to recognise and celebrate diversity in sport.

We work with the sports sector, community groups and other stakeholders from all across Scotland to pursue our five key objectives:

  1. To advance community development through supporting the development of LGBTI sports organisations and their leaders across Scotland.
  2. To promote equality and diversity through challenging discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity within sport, and to work towards the visibility and inclusion of LGBTI people in mainstream sports.
  3. To promote equality and diversity through influencing national agencies, governing bodies and leaders within mainstream sports, and to support them to implement policies of equality and inclusion.
  4. To organise recreational activities which improve the quality of life for LGBTI people encouraging and enabling them to overcome the barriers which block their access to sport.
  5. To further the advancement of public participation in sport by using the opportunities and legacy of sports events as an opportunity for LGBTI sports development and growth.


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