About Us

Our Values

Rights-Based Approach

We are a rights-based organisation built upon the belief of fundamental human rights, with humanity and equality at our core. We are dedicated to ensuring that the rights of LGBTI people to fully and equitably access, participate and thrive within sport are secured.


We are committed to amplifying the voice and experience of the LGBTI community, recognising authenticity, fairness and honesty as integral.


Core to our work is empowering the LGBTI community to take their rightful place in sport and supporting individual and collective representation of the community from within sport.


We are committed to practising ethical and respectful leadership, whilst providing full transparency and accountability through our work.


We value and respect all people whatever their gender identity, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, age, faith, socio-economic background and ability embracing an intersectional approach within all our work.


We celebrate and embrace difference and we respect and value the vast array of identities which exist under and beyond the LGBTI umbrella. As such we regularly use the term LGBTIQ+ in our day to day work.

Learning, Challenging and Advocating

We learn and develop from our community in order to challenge LGBTI-phobia in sport and advocate for those who are most. We believe in the value of transformative change in all levels of our activities, whether supporting individuals or advocating for policy solutions.