International work

LEAP Sports work with many partners internationally and as well as working within sport and LGBTIQ+ equality, we are active within non-formal education, community development, human rights and training.

We take an active and lead role within the Pride House International movement, and are members of EGLSF (European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation), and the FGG (Federation of Gay Games).

We have hosted European volunteers through the European Solidarity Corps scheme, and we support Scottish volunteers to take up similar opportunities around Europe. 

Many of the projects we've been involved in can be found on the Queer Sport Europe platform.   

We have organised and taken part in several Erasmus+ youth events. You can view one of our youth exchanges, Dragtivism, from summer 2019 here and read more about Oscar's experience on the exchange here. In summer 2022, we took participants to a youth exchange Healthy Y-EU-oth in Cyprus, and we organised an exchange in Scotland called OUT of the Margins. 

Finishing in 2022, we took part in an Erasmus+ project called ID Protocols where we produced a Manual for Making Mobilities more Inclusive and a Guide to Inclusive Communication. Read more about the project here. See our news article about it here.

Currently, we are part of an Erasmus+ project called Rainbow Youth 2.0 in which:
- we have created a Competence Framework for those who work with LGBTIQ+ young people;
- we are organising a Training of Trainers for LGBTIQ+ inclusion in youth work;
- we are making an Online Training Platform for youth workers and educators to learn the basics of LGBTIQ+ inclusion; and
- we are producing a Manual for Working with LGBTIQ+ Young People. 
These are due to be finished by the end of 2023. For more information on the project, visit