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Dundee Roller Derby

Roller Derby in Dundee

About the club

Dundee Roller Derby are a full contact, flat track roller derby league based in Dundee Scotland.

If you’ve ever considered playing or officiating roller derby we run a 24-week training programme teaching everything from the basics of skating to roller derby gameplay. Our new skater intake is open to all genders.

As a WFTDA league we have two travel teams; the Silvery Tayzers and the Bonnie Colliders. All those who identify as women (including cisgender, transgender and intersex women) or gender-expansive may train and compete as skaters of Dundee Roller Derby.

All genders may train as skating and non-skating officials, and join as non-skating members in other capacities.


Please contact us at to register your interest in joining our next intake and we will give you all the information you need!

Dundee International Sports Centre


, New Skater Recruitment