2014 Pride House Glasgow is looking for Home Hosts

26th May 2014

2014 Pride House Glasgow  is looking for Home Hosts

Do you have a couch or a spare bed during the Games?

From activists to artists, sportspeople to singers, we have a number of people who are coming to participate in Pride House Glasgow and other LGBT work in Glasgow over the period of the Commonwealth Games.

With limited budgets and soaring accommodation costs, this is proving to be a barrier to many people.

All you need is a space for someone to stay for as little as one night in some cases, a friendly disposition, and a will to make someone feel welcome to Glasgow. Anywhere within a reasonable commuting distance to Glasgow City Centre is required. With a number of high profile people already looking for rooms, you never know who you might end up getting the chance to host…

If you think this is for you, please complete details at this link

Written on 26th May 2014.