Festival Fortnight: OUT on Sundays Walks

25th May 2021

Festival Fortnight: OUT on Sundays Walks

Come join the OUT on Sundays walks during Festival Fortnight 2021!

OUT on Sundays are organising 5 wonderful walks around Glasgow for you to enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of our fantastic city!

Sports Bingo: Friday 18th June, 2PM

UT on Sundays takes an opportunity to put a twist into a walking tour and created a game of Bingo! The walk will showcase a number of sporting locations and connections and simply, if you have that sport on your bingo card, you can mark it off. Such fun! There is one prize — there can only be one winner! Could it be you?

Carry on Cruising Down the Canal: Saturday 19th June, 11AM

This walk is a nice one as the walk along the canal is flat. This should make it fairly accessible for most people to be able to join in. The distance is around 11 miles however we will toilet and pit stop at Lock 21 and McGonnigal’s Chip Shop Boat if people wish. having such a stretch, it gives the participants a chance to talk and to hopefully make friends, combat lowliness and isolation and a chance for those who are not quite ready to return to hardcore fitness, a bit of a challenge to up their fitness game. Transport from Bowling will be up to the individual to arrange themselves. But the Marina there is lovely and there are a couple of cycle trails and a bike hire place if people wish to explore the area afterwards. Snacks and refreshments will be provided! Open to all.

The Return to Kings Park: Wednesday 23rd June, 6PM

OUT on Sundays visited Kings Park in early 2021 and enjoyed discovering what this park had to offer, however many of its botanical sights were recovering from the winter. Vowing to return to experience the park in its full bloom, we want to take you to visit the secret walled garden and experience the sensory garden. Come visit this lovely park and be at one with nature.

The 25 Park Challenge, Friday 25th June, 11AM

lasgow boasts to have over 90 parks and gardens, so in this walking challenge, we will aim to visit 25 of them. Starting outside Kelvingrove Art Gallery, we will walk from the West to the South, East and North visiting green spaces along the way. Challenge yourself and bet how many parks you think you’ll visit then, walk as many parks as you can manage, tap out when you feel like you can’t do anymore — there is no pressure to complete the challenge. Overall the walk is close to 20 miles. Snacks and refreshments will be provided! Open to all.

Bab's Beautiful Bits Walk: Wednesday 30th June, 6PM

A skilled and wonderful lady once told her son about secret areas of green. these pockets of green space, little dockets of nature were hidden all over the city, sometimes in plain sight, and for many, we would walk right past it. This walk aims to help you show these little hidden gems, these beautiful bits that Bab’s held so dear and important so that everyone can enjoy them whenever you are in the city. Open to all.

Email Tommy at to book your space!

Written on 25th May 2021.