Photoshoot for the Trans Community in Scotland

21st August 2020

Photoshoot for the Trans Community in Scotland

ESC project - Photoshoot for the Trans Community in Scotland

As a Trans person, I have always wanted to show the world that there is a lot of us in the Trans community and that we are connected with sport, this is why I started my personal project. 

This is part of my European Solidarity Corps volunteering exchange at LEAP Sports Scotland where I want to photograph trans people playing their favorite sport.

In the past years, I have gained different experiences from video Livestream/photo production where I was working and photography has been a big part of my life in the last 6 years.

I know that for many of us sport is very important and I want to show how important it is for the Trans community who have been attacked in the last few years from different people and groups. I want to show with this project that Trans community can be fragile but it one of the strongest communities and that we are not hiding anywhere

I'm looking for people from the Trans community who want to be photographed by me in the moments of their favorite sport in black and white photos.

Black and white will show you a different story that we usually see in colored photos

For those who like indoor sports we can still do some similar compromises outdoor. Indoor sports are not a barrier.

My main location for photography will be Glasgow but I can come to Stirling and Edinburgh.

The project will last to the end of November.

For photo shooting and information please contact

Some of my photos in B&W are below 

Written on 21st August 2020.