New Resources for LGBTIQ+ Inclusive Youth Work

20th November 2023

New Resources for LGBTIQ+ Inclusive Youth Work

The Erasmus+ project Rainbow Youth 2.0 has created new resources 

These three new resources are aimed at assessing and increasing youth workers' and educators' competences in working with LGBTIQ+ young people.  The Rainbow Youth 2.0 project is an initiative dedicated to the promotion of LGBTIQ+ inclusion in youth work and education settings. We recognise the urgent need to address and challenge exclusion, discrimination, and misunderstanding faced by LGBTIQ+ young people. Through our multifaceted approach, we aim to cultivate an environment where diversity is celebrated, and every individual feels seen, respected, and valued. 

We believe that education and understanding are key in fostering inclusion. We identified specific gaps in the existing resources and training available to youth workers and educators regarding LGBTIQ+ inclusion, and designed our project to bridge these gaps effectively.

We have developed a series of interconnected tools and resources to empower youth workers and educators. From our Competence Framework, which outlines the essential competences needed to support LGBTIQ+ young people, to our dynamic eLearning Platform, offering accessible, high-quality training modules online, we provide the foundational knowledge and practical skills for LGBTIQ+ inclusive youth work. Finally, our hands-on Manual complements the digital learning experience with practical exercises and up-to-date theory to help youth workers and educators implement inclusion into their practice.

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To explore the new resources, please see:

Competence Framework for working with LGBTIQ+ young people

eLearning Platform - an LGBTIQ+ youth work online course

Manual for LGBTIQ+ Inclusive Youth Work

Written on 20th November 2023.