4th April 2014

LEAP Sports Scotland will host a Pride House as part of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games celebrations. Pride House will be a space to celebrate equality, but will also be a space to reflect and consider inequality and we are excited about providing a stimulating and thought provoking program.

To coincide with the launch of our website in April 2014, we will be launching our new blog where we will feature guest writers and contributors from across the world. We would be keen to hear from you if you feel that you have a contribution to make. We are interested in all angles to the forthcoming Commonwealth Games, especially with an equality angle.

Your article must relate to sport. You should submit:
- Your written article in a word document.
- A photograph of yourself.
- 2 illustrative photographs, or an indication of what we might use from our stock photography.
- Your webpage, twitter handle, or other link to allow people to connect to you if you wish.

Your article should be in English. There is no strict guidance around the length of the article, but we would consider 700-900 words to be an average length. We cannot guarantee inclusion in the blog as we are unclear about the uptake at this stage, but would expect to be regularly releasing articles up to, throughout and after the games period.

We are looking for first articles to be submitted to us before 7th April, in order to launch the blog shortly after. Thereafter, articles will be accepted on an ongoing basis.

Please submit directly to

Written on 4th April 2014.