Race, Ethnicity and Racism

1st October 2020

Race, Ethnicity and Racism

Our last 2 years work on intersectionality and becoming a more inclusive organisation. 

We made this a strategic priority 2 years ago, and one piece of ongoing work is in regards to the inclusion of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic LGBTIQ+ people in sport. We conducted consultation with our existing community members and further afield, asking what barriers and challenges BAME LGBTIQ+ people face and how we could better support people and improve our organisation to become more inclusive. From this we have created a working report with results from the consultation and commitments/ actions.

We want to share the key commitments and actions that we will be undertaking in the short term and continuously. We want to ensure that we are being held accountable and holding ourselves accountable in our goal to be an inclusive and intersectional organisation.

It is a significant time across the world with protests happening and a new level of awareness of racism emerging. The result is that the outcome of the last couple of years of our work coincides with this powerful emergence and publishing our commitments at this particular time brings additional focus and meaning.

  • We commit to developing our knowledge and understanding by providing ongoing training for staff, volunteers and sports groups on race, ethnicity and racism
  • We commit to improving representation and participation within our staff and volunteers, and in our events and projects
  • We commit to better practice in regards to race, ethnicity and racism through the creation of resources, checklists, intercultural sharing and aim towards a better culture in general in regards to race, ethnicity and racism
  • We commit to having effective role models, honest conversations and identifying methods of continuing and excelling this work

Each of these key points is a summary of 5-10 more in depth actions. To find out more about our recommendations and actions are welcome to contact us via   

Written on 1st October 2020.