Seahorses Plus set to start up in Glasgow

26th August 2016

Seahorses Plus set to start up in Glasgow

A new swimming group for LGBTIQA+ people starting in Glasgow this October.

The Seahorses Trans and Non-Binary Swimming group has been going from strength to strength. 

Originally set up by activists Charlotte McCarroll and Kate Adair to be a safe swimming space for trans and non-binary identifying individuals in Glasgow, and based on the successes of similar initiatives in England such as TAGS.

Seahorses has been meeting on the last Sunday every month at Whitehill Pool in Denistoun in the east end of Glasgow. So far there have been 8 sessions including a special free session for Festival Fortnight run in conjunction with LEAP Sports Scotland. The club will continue every last Sunday of the month at the same location for £3 per session.

An important aspect of clubs like Seahorses is to be a friendly and welcoming environment to build the confidence of members to allow them the opportunity to access many other sporting and exercise opportunities.

Seahorses Plus is a new swimming club under the Seahorses umbrella. It is a club for all LGBTQIA+ identifying people and supportive friends. Founded by Charlotte McCarroll and Denise Logue Seahorses Plus will not only be an inclusive swimming group for the community but will also be specifically trans and non-binary welcoming to be a “stepping stone” for members of the original Seahorses club.

There will be the opportunity for Seahorses Plus members to train as swimming instructors so club members can improve their skills and build confidence to take part in larger swimming events such as the Gay Games in Paris 2018 and Euro Games 2020 hopefully in our very own Glasgow!

Initially Seahorses Plus will meet on a Thursday every 2-3 weeks at The Gorbals and cost £3 per session. The launch evening will be Thursday 6th October. A Facebook page is under construction and you can get updates via Twitter @seahorsesGLA.

Written on 26th August 2016.