Out & About in the Highlands - Mountain Leader Natalie

5th June 2023

Out & About in the Highlands - Mountain Leader Natalie

Volunteers Week 2023 Spotlight

The LEAP Sports initiative Out and About Highlands, is run by Graham and has been hugely popular. For Volunteers Week 2023, here's a spotlight on the brilliant Natalie and her journey to become a mountain leader. 

Graham: "Natalie and I met on a walk and coffee as part of the Out & About in the Highlands project, instantly I was amazed that she was bagging a Munro every week and had also started to take some of the LGBTIQ+ community on their first hikes. Since this first meeting she has helped so many climb their first Munro, and has done so just for the love of hiking. I spoke to her about her about how she was getting on while doing her Mountain Leader qualification".

Natalie: “I learned so much in the last 6 days, and it will take a couple of days to process it all. In the next few months, I will pour all of my energy and free time into practising what I've learned to take the assessment in autumn with confidence.

A massive thanks to LEAP Sports Scotland, who are sponsoring me on this journey to get the mountain leader qualification, and to Graham Munro, specifically, who gave me this opportunity in the first place.

And one more massive thanks to my friends and members of Out on the Hills - LGBTQ+ Hillwalking Group Scotland for attending my walks, which are not only valuable because of the awesome company but also because they allow me to practise my leadership skills. One year ago, I wasn't convinced I would pull it off, and here I am, believing I can do it. Thank you so much to everyone for the support, encouragement and friendship. To borrow an expression used in navigation: I'm looking forward to the next leg of the journey with all of you”

If you are interested in joining Natalie on a walk in the Highlands, join her group here

For more information about Out and About Highlands, get in touch with Graham here. 

Volunteering is an essential part of the work we do at LEAP Sports. There are many ways to be a volunteer and we would love to have you along on your journey. Get in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator, Laura, to find out more.

Written on 5th June 2023.