Every Time We Play We Win

24th June 2023

Every Time We Play We Win

New Film by Perth Parrots 

A new seven-minute-long film, created by ICON Imagery, highlights the story of how the Perth Parrots floorball club has used the power of sport to build the local LGBTIQ+ community in Perth, and enhance the health and wellbeing of members.

Every Time We Play, We Win, highlights the impact that the Perth Parrots are having in the Perthshire community. A multitude of barriers, often compounded by negative experiences as young people, can mean that sport often doesn't feel like a welcoming place for LGBTIQ+ people, and the additional experience of rurality can cause social isolation and loneliness. Having visible sports groups and role models encourages our community to be more active, take up running, kick a ball and pick up that floorball stick. It also shows the wider sporting community that we can play and we can excel in sport. 

The film was made possible with match funding from the ALDI Community Fund and features footage from Parrots training and footage taken during the Scottish Floorball League game with Aberdeen University. The film also heavily features talking heads from Parrot's members Frazer Robertson, Rosey Iles, Atlas Martin, and Kirsty Welling, who share their experiences of the club and what it means to them.

The Parrots were founded in 2019 and launched the film during Festival Fortnight 2023.

Speaking at the launch in June 2023, Gemma Simpson, Sports Development Officer from Live Active Leisure said: “Inclusion in sport is all about removing barriers to participation, and when coupled with pro-active behaviours, initiatives and actions, local people from different backgrounds, as well as different abilities will feel welcome, respected and safe in the knowledge that they belong in that club space. Inclusion is what Perth Parrots excels at, and the reason why we identified their club to join our new Sport for Change network.

Written on 24th June 2023.