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LGBTIQ+ Generations in Sport

The LGBTIQ+ Generations in Sport project is part of a wider project called the Youth Activist Academy which saw 25 young people embark on community projects that work to improve sport for LGBTIQ+ people 

During The LGBTIQ+ Generations in Sport project the young people interviewed six people that fit into different age brackets and did a photo shoot with each to go along with the interview. Through these interviews you can read about the varied experiences of people from different generations and learn what sport means to them as LGBTIQ+ people 

"Hey I'm Blain, I am 18 years old and I am part of the 'LGBTIQ+ Generations In Sport' team.

I chose the project because I feel like this is a great avenue to inform myself and others about the LGBTQ+ community and its history within sport"

"Hi I'm Jack, I am 21 and I am part of the 'LGBTIQ+ Generations in Sport' team.

I chose this project because I am very creative and I hoped to learn transferable skills that can be used when working with communities and starting my own campaigns. Also to hear some fascinating stories that can motivate me towards making a change in people's lives"

"Hi my name's Stephen, I am 21 years old and I am the team leader for the 'LGBTIQ+ Generations in Sport' project. Through this project I wanted to develop my leadership and campaigning skills.

This project stood out for me because I feel visibility is such an important way of highlighting the issues our community still encounter and by getting to know these six participants, will allow us to separate the people from the statistics. By providing a platform for LGBTQ+ people in sport to voice the challenges they face, I hope we can increase the momentum to level the playing field and remind people that sport is for everyone"