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Uplifted Gym

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About the club

Uplifted and Titan Strength Yard provide access to a queer run private strength gym. We run 12 week strength courses, offer PT sessions and memberships. We also provide access to equipment and coaching specific to different strength sports.

In March 2023 we ran Scotland’s first non-gendered/ all gender strength competition which had 4 categories each with 4 levels:
- Overhead medley (Log, Barbell, Dumbbell) Log 25-60kg, Barbell 30-60kg, Dumbbell 15-40kg
- Silver dollar deadlift for reps (60sec time) 80-200kg
- Farmers max hold (for time) 30-65kg in each hand
- Load & Drag (3 bag run into sled pull 15m for all) 20-80kg bags into a 90-200kg sled pull

Look out for our non-gendered comp in 2024!

When we meet

  • Uplifted Strength CoursesWednesday 11:00am
    Every Wednesday we run coached strength courses which you can book on to. These run for 12 weeks. The gym access is 24/7 if experienced in using equipment, Supervised times are available for newer members or people who have completed our courses.
  • Cost

    Sliding scale payment / donation for courses and PT. £25 per month gym membership in a private unit.

Barclay Curle Complex
739 South Street


Sam McPherson, Founder and Coach